Why Bit-Hoster?

Bit-Hoster is Malasysia's most trusted online provider, offering all the services you need to grow online - from world-class web hosting to great value domain names, effective web design and online marketing services.


A Brief History

We provide all the online services a business needs to grow online; from domain names and web hosting to online marketing, web design, email marketing and e-commerce. As with all Bit-Hoster services, we offer simple solutions at a reasonable price.

Bit-Hoster continues to provide the support, resources, advice, tools and encouragement to businesses of all sizes. That is why all Bit-Hoster customers are hosted on the same advanced web hosting infrastructure designed for multi-million dollar websites - whether you are a multinational or a one-man-band.



The story so far great service and the best technology

Since the start of our operations, we have seen rapid growth in a high demand industry that is built on reliability and trust. It's hard to believe how far we've come '" and we're proud to say the majority of our new business still comes from the almighty word of mouth. Our customers are loyal, and we still treat every customer as if they are our first.


At Bit-Hoster, we understand that building and maintaining a reputable organisation can only be achieved with customer confidence. For us, this comes from factors such as:

  • easy to use quality services at an affordable cost
  • understanding our customers' requirements
  • engaging in sustainable, long-lasting relationships
  • treating everyone as part of the family that has made us what we are today

Our state of the art technology and systems are another factor that has contributed to our success. These assets afford us the confidence to fulfil a customer's most demanding requirements by maintaining the highest quality redundant network and hardware.